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Hi! I'm Toby πŸ‘‹

I help innovative tech companies make smarter product decisions.

I'm passionate about product, strategy, creativity and innovation, and love trying to figure out how to solve complicated customer problems.


I'm Head of Product at hedgehog lab where I help our clients turn their product vision into reality. Previously, I was Head of Product at Pebble, where I managed a portfolio of financial management products for schools. Before then, I was part of the founding team at Eduprise where I led the development of the company's industry-leading marketing and communications software and services as Head of Strategy.

I got my first taste of product management as a Business Analyst on npower's Β£500m SAP implementation where I quickly learned everything that's wrong with Waterfall software development.

I'm a non-technical product manager with a background in media and education.

For more details about my career check out my public CV/resume.

About me

I used to be a professional music journalist until I realised I couldn't pay the mortgage with free CDs and guestlist passes. I've written for high profile publications on both sides of the Atlantic including NME, Dazed & Confused, Paste, and Ghettoblaster (among others).

I was identified as having ADHD as a child, but have never had an adult diagnosis. I've got many of the traits, though, and have spent a lot of time building my own productivity frameworks to help me stay focused. I'm currently using a mashup of David Allen's Getting Things Done, Tiago Forte's PARA method, andΒ  J.D. Meier's Agile Results.

I'm a lifelong cult movie nerd, and am trying to build a definitive collection of Italian Giallos and Poliziotteschi. I'm an avid record collector and have an awesome collection of garage rock, psychedelia, punk, and indie on vinyl.

I'm rapidly hurtling towards middle age but still stand at the front at gigs. I won't turn into the bald fat man in the red BMW convertible.


You can get in touch with me via Mastodon or LinkedIn – my DMs are always open.