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My name's Toby Rogers, I'm a Product Manager passionate about helping socially responsible organisations build innovative tech products.

I want to prove you don't have to have a Silicon Valley background and a resume that includes giants like Facebook, Google and Amazon to create world-beating software.

Even without the luxury of bottomless VC funding, entrepreneurs and product managers can disrupt the status quo with great ideas (if they go about it the right way).

I've learned how to be a product manager by doing. I've made a ton of mistakes and I want to help others make sure they don't make the same ones.

A passionate music fan, I used to freelance as a music journalist until I realised I’d never pay the mortgage with free CDs and gig tickets. I love horror movies and am still trying to build my definitive collection of video nasties, Italian schlockers and slasher films.

I’ve been writing for the web since the early days of Blogger with posts about music, movies, productivity, customer experience, leadership, business strategy and entrepreneurship (and probably any other topic you can think of).

I’m rapidly hurtling towards middle age but still stand at the front at gigs. I won’t turn into the bald fat man in the red BMW convertible.

You can reach my via email at tobiasmrogers (at gmail dot com). Or find me on Twitter @tobiasrogers – my DMs are always open.

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